Mr. Akshay Jain

Livetechskills    15-Feb-2021
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Mr Akshay Jain is The Centre Head for Livewire(LiveTechSkills). In his role, he led the transformation to the Industry 4.0 training programs, mainly focusing on the software for Information Technology, Electrical engineering, and Electronics, which are made for the Engineering professionals and graduates to outperform the market and are having the huge demand in Industry.
Originally from Nagpur, India. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and has a master’s degree in Business Administration.
Before being at this position Akshay Jain held a leadership role at CADD Centre, Nandanvan as the Centre Manager. He is known as a leader who could span a breadth of technologies and businesses to transform some of CADD Centre’s biggest product offerings.
Mr. Akshay Jain
Centre Head